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How Dharma Centers Can Use Inbound Marketing

How to turn Website Visitors to Dharma Center Visitors Download/View Inbound Marketing Slides EXAMPLE of WHAT YOUR INBOUND MARKETING CONTENT PLANNING SCHEDULE MAY LOOK LIKE:

2017 Internet Ministry Meeting

AGENDA Notes Go to Inbound Marketing Presentation

RKINA Dharma Center Template

Per the request at the 2016 Internet Ministry Meeting, a demo site has been set up of the RKINA Dharma Center WordPress Template site. You may view the site here: http://rkina.org/dc-template-demo/ and you can request administrator access if you wish to… Continue Reading →

WordPress Plugins to Add Google+ Reviews to your Website

As requested, here is a Wordpress plugin that allow you to automatically feed your Google Plus review into your WordPress-based website: Custom Google Plus Feed

Google Local Guides


How to achieve & improve Yelp reviews

How to Achieve & Improve Yelp Reviews common tips and options on improving your Yelp page to encourage people to review and make the page useful for others who stumble upon it.

2016 Internet Ministry Meeting Agenda


Facebook Post Boosting

Maybe not the next best thing to sliced bread, but Facebook Post Boosting is a less daunting alternative to try out vs. Facebook Ads. Facebook Post Boost Basics presentation (pdf) Shared by Denise Shiozawa/UmeWorks at the 2015 Internet Ministry Meeting

How to Join a WebEx Meeting

Joining WebEx for Dharma Mission (pdf) presented by Rev. Nicholas Ozuna at the 2015 Internet Ministry Meeting NOTES: Do NOT share WebEx Host Log in credentials. Notify RKINA a minimum of 2 days in advance of scheduled WebEx meetings to prevent… Continue Reading →

WebEx – How to Host

Hosting a WebEx Meeting for Dharma Mission (pdf)

2015 Website Trends

2015 Website Trends (pdf) Brad Tom | Hawaii From Feb. 2015 Internet Ministry Meeting

How to Publish a Simple Email Newsletter to a WordPress Site

SOURCE FILE: Here is an example of a simple plain text newsletter with a featured image that is sent out via email manually. (.docx) INSTRUCTIONS: Here are there instructions of how to add this same newsletter to a WordPress-based website…. Continue Reading →

Improve Your Search Engine Ranking Position with Google+

Using Google Plus to Improve SERP (pdf) (updated 2/26/15)   From Feb. 2015 Internet Ministry Meeting

2015 Internet Ministry Meeting Agenda

Sticky post

February 21, 2015 Noon – 3pm PT RKINA-INTERNET-MINISTRY-Mtg-2015Agenda (pdf) Meeting Notes (pdf) TOPIC LEAD Welcome Rev. Nick Ozuna & Rev. Kiyohiko Yoshizawa Dharma Center Updates Representative for each Dharma Center Adding Simple Email into WP site Denise Shiozawa Repository Update Denise… Continue Reading →

2014 Internet Ministry Meeting

AGENDA PRESENTATION FILES: Quick Topics Review (Denise Shiozawa, Rev. Nick Ozuna, Jane Perri) Mobile Websites (Denise Shiozawa) Repository Demo (Denise Shiozawa) RKINA2014InternetMinistryMeetingNotes RKINA2014InternetMinistryMeeting-SUMMARY (Word)

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